Created to support, in an inclusive, a participatory and a collaborative settings, initiatives that lead to peace and development, AJP is made up, in one of its branches with various local organizations working for peace and reconciliation. It also incorporates therein analysts and practitioners dedicated to the need for peace in the region.

It works with children, youth, women and Resource people by integrating the approach of institutional support for further efficiency. Thus, apart from the organizations and platforms of young people, children and women, it also emphasizes, through direct communications or memoranda public institutions the best ways to achieve peace and harmony between local communities and between local communities and government.

A cross-cutting component of the "Peace" program aims to study the perceptions and expectations of local communities to the power to guide the positioning of partners for assistance in strengthening citizenship and dialogue with the authorities. This is a series of field surveys and analysis activities but also of original audiovisual productions to better understand the diversity of communities and reproduce sensible and attractive way, some of their considerations. The aim is to better establish a dialogue framework.