AJP works with a broad range of partners who are both external and internal. Each partner adheres to the logic of peace that AJP advocates to better understand all the problems related to tension and conflict. It aligns on a collaborative chain which include social actors to political actors.

Local communities, actors of civil society working for Peace and conflict resolution and those dedicated to Human Rights, civil society, political actors are de facto members of AJP network since the network interacts with them on a daily basis for lasting social harmony. National organizations dedicated to peace and reconciliation are welcome to the largest Great Lakes Peace platform.

DRC: Youth Action for Life, Réseau des Adolescents et Jeunes Congolais en population et Développement, Vijana Africa, Union pour la Protection, la Défense des Droits Humains et l'Environnement, Centre d'Education pour la Non-Violence are the most active organizations working with AJP for youth awareness.

Uganda: AJP has implemented projects to restore victims (psychological) in the North Uganda where the LRA was mostly operating.

AJP largely works with groups and educational institutions such as high schools and universities as part of the expansion of a peace logic. AJP is trying a pilot experience with educational institutions to incorporate the element of Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods ADR in a broad Justice framework. This concept is being tested and should have a broader framework expanded to institutional framework and civil society.

14 people are dedicated to this work and are sufficiently trained to spread the idea and the feasibility of alternative methods of Conflict Resolution in the Region.

Different views, Common understanding

Our primary mission is to awaken human consciousness on the non-negotiable need for true justice and a truly sustainable peace through the formulation of policies on reforms and the implementation of alternative mechanisms for conflict resolution support to public institutions. This is mainly to promote dialogue as the backbone of any reconciliation

AJP's main mission is to strengthen the link between Justice and population through monitoring the implementation of government programs, enhancing peace practical mechanisms and initiatives and improving understanding of reconciliation through community-based approaches implementation involving primarily responsible at any level whatsoever in the Region.
Families and communities are the core, essential basis of Education for Justice and Peace.The upstream actors are a critical part to support the core, the grassroots level. They cement spaces for real fogiveness.

In this respect, AJP assigns as primary mission to create spaces that are conducive to communication between all parties at any level, all actors enamored of justice and peace. It is here that It promotes capacity building for Rights-based values and social-based values by bringing together cultures, visions,...
AJP is largely in line with multi-sectoral partnership approaches, an upstream and downstream partnership that holds horizontally and vertically comprehensive participatory approach.
AJP is a platform of moderation and support for long-lasting peace in the region and in each of countries of the region, including in the depths of local communities.
It includes among its members local associations that advocate for justice, equity and peace from the community level up to decision makers level. At the same time it interests governmental, multi governmental and intergovernmental  Organizations ... on peace imperatives and ways out of crisis by providing alternative mechanisms for a return to justice, fairness, respect for fundamental rights, for conflict transformation and the effective and sustainable reconciliation.
It addresses also with decision-makers issues related to corruption as a a result of congenital injustice in countries, root of poverty.
It makes use of mechanisms which are based on signed agreements, government programs, laws and other instruments to lay the foundation for a practical program for peace.

Different colours, Differents views, Common understanding.