Let's harness our prospects and enhance peace for our society's developement.

Peace is not an absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a will for benevolence, trust, justice. This is what Spinoza said, and we could add: peace is a prerequisite for development.

Our vision is "a world smoothly." A world of harmony and concord. Our motto is to serve the people in need of peace. All together for peace.

AJP's vision is to have a space of joy and happiness. An area of mutual tolerance and respect. An area of reconciliation and friendship. An area of communication and dialogue. A place where, despite tension or discord, actors, individuals ... can talk.

Through promotion of ADR practices and mechanisms, of capacity building, of various campaigns, support for the efforts of actors both organizations, and individuals and other actors at the state level, AJP strengthens a common understanding of peace.

The most emerging sectors are conflicts resolution by strengthening the state through institutional reforms. The area of justice, security and administration are the preferred partner to give hope to the abandoned populations. Respect for human rights, the protection of civilians, the effectiveness of ADR, stabilization through appropriate follow-up and monitoring on the exploitation of natural resources and energy, restoring the state go through these mechanisms.